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“Have you ever had someone enter your life that was a pure blessing? Since coming under the healing power, coaching and direction of  Coach Tonya Keatz. my life has changed for the better and will never be the same. Coach Tonya was just who I needed in my life to get me through the publishing process of my book and also the heart break of my divorce by applying the healing strategies and techniques she recommended to me I was able to put my past behind me and forge a new path and outlook rooted in the deepest and most positive desires for my life. I was able to strengthen my relationship with myself and reclaim my focus. I strongly recommend her healing, coaching and, direction if you want healing, happiness and, success to come flooding into your life. Truly a woman one can put confidence in. Thanks for helping me along my journey.”

The hardest reality I had to face was with that security blanket I got comfortable carrying around called Fat'Lisha. I finally decided to let her go and transparently I am sharing the journey. Stay tuned.

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