I Am Naturally A Creatress!

I was born on the 14th at 5:32 in the morning. So, I am naturally a creative #5 energy. I can't get away from that even if I try. Through creativity I relax and heal myself and others. In other words it is a form of therapy and ministry for and through me. In 2009 I recieved a degree in IT/Visual Communication and have been coding and designing Websites since 1994. Some of the things I design are; Websites, Flyers, Biz Cards, Banners, Car Signs, Ads, Magazine Layouts, Book Covers and I also Crochet and have an Earrings and Accessories line.

Below are some Graphics I designed. They may load a bit slow as images can do that sometimes. 

Here is a list of some Websites I designed:

Washitaw Wellness  |    Free Em All  |  Ifetayo Art Wear   |  Circa 45   |   Oronde Yero   |    Moorish Science Temple of America 

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